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Boost Yourself Healthy & Weight health mix: Goji & Cranberry

Healthy stands for iron in this health mix, which contributes to normal energy exchange and helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion.Weight, however, is the domain of carob or locust bean in this product, which helps to increase the feeling of fullness and reduce appetite. This in turn helps to reduce weight.Add to breakfast porridge, lunch smoothie or evening yogurt - the choice is yours! Goji berry and cranberry give the product a pleasant berry flavor combination. A refreshing lunch companion and you also take care of your body! 100% vegetable product.Iron contributes to normal cognitive function (cognitive function is related to a person's memory, thinking, attention, ability to concentrate and other cognitive processes and speech) and to the normal function of the immune system. Carob or locust bean powder helps to increase the feeling of fullness and satiety. Proteins contribute to the growth and preservation of muscle mass and help keep bones normal.Healthy & Weight protein mixes are 100% plant-based.USE You can add the health mix powder to your favorite drink or food to taste. Mix and enjoy! Your best lunch companion!

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– Produced in Estonia and 100% pure organic raw material. – Contains rich vegetable protein. – Contains iron, protein and locust bean meal. – Use as a dressing or in your daily smoothie, porridge. – One package (200 g) can easily be divided into 20 portions. – Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. – Gluten free. – product, contains no additives or added sugars.
Herneproteiini pulber*, kõrvitsaseemne proteiini pulber*, goji-marja pulber*, baobabi viljade viljaliha pulber*, jõhvika pulber*, riisiproteiini pulber*, kaarobi- ehk jaanikaunajahu pulber (5%)*

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