Detox loose tea

Detox is a 100% natural artisanal tea, that is designed to support your metabolism with the best from nature! Detox is a lemony loose tea, which is made of eight different superfoods. Lemongrass has a strong character and lemon-like pleasant taste and aroma. The beneficial properties of lemongrass are widely known and believed to improve the efficiency of metabolic processes in the body. Yerba Mate is made from the leaves of the dried South American plant – Ilex paraguariensis – and is gaining worldwide popularity as people discover its positive effects on well-being. It tastes like green tea and it is used to say that Yerba Mate has the power of a coffee, the benefits of a tea, and the pleasure of eating a bar of chocolate.

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Enjoyable and zesty artisanal tea that contains 8 powerful superfoods to support your metabolism. Pleasant lemony flavor and aroma 100% natural Contains no added sugars or sweeteners 18 servings Unique package, that is perfect for a gift – matte finish with silver foil! Produced in Estonia

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