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A series of beauty collagens The series has been developed so that you can shine in your full beauty. Who wouldn't want stronger nails, silkier hair and smoother skin? Collagen is a component of the human body, including skin, nails, hair. Thanks to the collagen in our body, the skin is more elastic, and therefore less wrinkled; nails are more durable and stronger, and hair is shinier, silkier.Aronia and goji flavored beauty collagen Exotic goji and mild chokeberry give the product a pleasant berry taste, which is good to add to porridge, breakfast cereals, juice, water, yogurt, tea. It is pleasant and easy to consume and integrate into your routine. No overthinking, use whatever time of day or time suits you best. Try other flavors from our range to find your favorite: raspberry; raw cocoa-raspberry and pineapple-strawberry flavors.Tip! For example, prepare a healthy berry cocktail by mixing the health mix with water or your favorite juice and adding ice and, if desired, lemon. The refreshing health cocktail is a real beauty elixir of the goddesses, with a pleasant berry taste.And that's not all! Iron, which comes from carefully selected raw materials, adds value to the product. Iron helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion, which is important for your beauty. We use the highest grade collagen that comes from free-range cattle and is chemical-free. SOLUGEL™ bovine collagen peptides (hydrolyzed) are certified grass fed.In addition, we recommend taking vitamin C so that the collagen achieves its maximum effect, and also for your immunity.Usage Add 2 tablespoons (20 g) to water, juice, kefir or food. The product is easily soluble. Also suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Store at room temperature. Do not leave the package in the sun and close the package carefully. The use of the product does not replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Best before: see package

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– Quick and easy to prepare. – Pleasant berry taste. – Tip! Make a healthy berry smoothie (read below)! – Thanks to collagen in our body, the skin is more elastic, the nails are more durable, the hair is shinier. – 1 tablespoon provides 6 g of pure collagen, we recommend 2 tablespoons. – An added value is the iron mineral in the product, which helps reduce fatigue and is important for your beauty. – One package of 150 g is divided into half a month (15 portions per package). – HASSLE FREE product. Our products do not contain additives or E-substances, and our berry and fruit powders are natural raw materials.

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